LV827 Halifax III HD-S
18th March 1944
Pilot Bomb Aimer Navigator Wireless Operator Flight Engineer Mid Upper Gunner Rear Gunner  
  P/O M D Watson W/O G E Doggett F/S E S Newell Sgt C Roberts Sgt H G Price F/O W H Lees F/O L A Gream  
  Take Off :- 19:18   Base :- RAF Leconfield   Mission :- Frankfurt  
  Details :- LV827 collided with a 578 Squadron Halifax LW553 LK-U after leaving the target area and crashed near the village of Wembach.  
  846 aircraft including 246 Halifax aircraft of which 12 were lost, including HX231, LV827 and LW369 from 466 Squadron.  
  All the crew are now buried in Durnbach Cemetery after initially being buried in Wembach.      
  The Bristol Hercules engines on LV827 were :- Port Outer SS31024/A450946, Port Inner SS14918/A381898, Starboard Inner SS20005/A389003, Starboard Outer SS19353/A388351.  
    The Crash site marked in red  
    Picture of P/O M D Watson, F/S E S Newell and F/O W H Lees courtesy of National Archives Australia.    
    Picture of F/O L A Gream courtesy of Shane Millar.    
    Picture of W/O G E Doggett and Sgt C Roberts courtesy of Carolyn Donohoe.    
    Picture of Sgt H G Price courtesy of Jeanette Hargreaves.    

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